The Rise Of Luxxottica & The Brands That It Took With It.

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Cheap Ray Ban sunglasses are basically a thing of the past. Before Luxxottica took over big brands such as Ray Ban and Oakley, Ray Ban sunglasses were basically sold at gas stations through out the United States of America at dirt cheap prices.

Below is a documentary of how Luxxottica has monopolized the market and how these heartless owners put hard working owners out of business by force.

After seeing videos like this, at times I am happy that I purchase my sunglasses from unauthorized re sellers since they do not pay hefty fees for royalty, etc. My favorite online store to shop for these cheap ray bans are from these people.

In the video you can clearly see that the CEO has no remorse for any of his actions & he wonders why there are tons of replica e commerce stores popping up selling their brands. This clearly happens when there are demand for the fakes because everyone sees how expensive Luxxottica has increased the price of our loved cheap ray ban sunglasses and made it into a luxury that only some can afford.

This is heartbreaking especially for Americans who fought the war at that time to see such a valuable memorabilia get destroyed by greed and selfishness.

I also get them offline at times when I really need them from my local Sunglass Hut. Yes, yes I know they are owned by Luxxottica which owns Ray Ban however I have a mate that works there and gets me great staff discounts.


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